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 [official] Minecraft Guide, Education ..
 Posted: Feb 17 2013, 06:01 PM

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Attached ImageWhat is Minecraft?

Minecraft is a 3D Java sandbox game where you can build anything you can imagine, you can fight tons of monsters build big farms or just play with friends, if you want fun then look no further Minecraft is for you!

Minecraft History:

Originally created by Markus Persson (Notch) and then developed by his company Mojang, Recently in 2011 Jens Bergensten (Jeb) took over as lead programmer of Minecraft. Minecraft was written in Java and recently ported over to the iOS and Android systems for the Pocket Version and the Xbox 360 for it's version both were converted to C++ for the conversion.

Minecraft Server Information:
This site gives a status on Login servers, Skin Servers, and Accounts
Minecraft Status

Interested in Buying Minecraft?
If you're interested in buying Minecraft here are the current prices.
Minecraft Store Link
PC: $26.95
Pocket Edition: $6.99
Xbox 360: 1600 MSP

Contents: Just CTRL+F and Search the # followed by a period.
World Generation and Game Modes
Armor and Weapons
Anvil Repairs

1. Controls:

PC Version:
Left Click - Break blocks.
Right Click - Place and interact with things.
Mouse Wheel - Scroll through the hotbar, click scroll wheel to use pick block in creative.
W - Move forward, double tap and hold to sprint.
A - Strafe left.
S - Move backward.
D - Strafe right.
Spacebar - Jump
Left Shift - Press and hold to sneak/crouch.
1-9 - Immediately switch to the item in the slot #.
Q - Drops the item in your hand on the ground.
E - Opens up your inventory.
T - Brings up chat to talk or input commands.
Esc - Opens menu to change settings.

Pocket Edition:

Touch Screen - Rotate screen horizontally and use your left thumb to use the directional buttons to move around, and right thumb to interact with the game and items.

Xbox 360 Version:

A - Jump
B - Drop/toss item
X - Open up the crafting menu
Y - To open up the inventory
LT (left trigger) - To place block/use item
RT (right trigger) - To dig/use block/item
LB/RB (left bumper/right bumper) - To change the selected block
Analog Sticks - To look/move
Left Analog Stick (pressed down) - to change the viewing angle at another perspective (1P/3P/3P Front)
Right analog stick (pressed down) - to sneak/walk.

2. World Generation and Game Modes:

Game Modes:
Survival - You must search for resources, craft your items, kill monsters and just plain survive.
Hardcore - Same as Survival except the difficulty is locked at HARD and if you die, you don't respawn and the world is deleted.
Creative - You have unlimited blocks and can spawn monsters, instantly break blocks and you can fly around.

World Options:
Seed - You can type letters, numbers and symbols to generate specific worlds. For more information about seeds look here.
Generate Structures: Enable/Disable generation of these structures.
Villages - This is where the Villagers live.
Dungeons - Randomly generated rooms with a mob spawner and some goodies.
Strongholds - In the over world they can be found with ender pearls and can host a portal to The End.
Nether Stronghold - In the Nether these can be found and contain chests, nether warts and Blaze spawners.
World Type:
Default - Normal world generation.
Superflat - Completely flat world with 3 layers of Grass and 1 layer of Bedrock.
A fully customizable option has now been added you can make a world of just sand and water or make the Nether the overworld!
Large Biomes - All biomes in the world are significantly larger.
Cheats - Enable/Disable the use of Cheats or Commands in your server.
Bonus Chest - Enable/Disable the spawning of a bonus chest in your world contains useful starter items, not available in Hardcore mode.

Dimensions: This is the where you live and interact with the world, Mobs (see below) also live here.
The Overworld - Starting world and contains most inhabitants.

The Nether - Basically Hell Zombie Pigmen, Ghasts, Blazes, and Magma Cubes live here.

The End - Where Endermen come from and where the Ender dragon resides.

3. Mobs (Monsters): These are the things that you can kill or interact with in Minecraft. There are 3 types of Mobs that inhabit Minecraft Passive, Neutral and Aggresive.

Passive Mobs these will NEVER attack you.

Need To Update Soon .. This Is All For Now

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