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Posted by: hazy larkinOO7 Jul 29 2013, 07:27 PM
huh.gif ( THIS IS FOR XBOX 360 ONLY ! )
Hi , Since there was a release of Fable 3 a few week's ago , i decided to make a thread on how to mod Fable 3 just follow the steps and no problems should occur -

And please NO FLAMING ! Im here to help the community that is all
Anyways here is how you go about it

Clear your cache, refuse the Xbox LIVE Update, create a game save, edit the save, update the game and play. It simply won't work if you modify the game save AFTER the patch, it must be done BEFORE. < Suggested By Duck

If you just want a game save then here >

Note : If your using this save you will need 3 Free DLC thats available on dashboard

Get a usb and configure it to your console
Hit your guide button and head over to System settings/Memory/Hardrive/Games/Fable III
Move your saved game to your USB
Extract game save folder to desktop - thats the 0000001 folder and its contents ( Look for a file named - Hero000).
Open Horizon / Modio and drag in the Hero000 file.
Hit contents tab.
Extract a file named herosave.bin to your desktop
Open the Fable 3 Save Editor and open your herosave.bin that you extracted to your desktop
Click the button at the top in the middle - lots of seals money and health.
Save the file and close the editor.
Now open Horizon / Modio back up again and go back to the content part which you should have already open right click on the herosave.bin and click replace and choose the file herosave.bin that you just modded which is on your desktop.
It shall ask you do you want to over right the herosave.bin click yes.
Click save on the tabs (NOTE: An error will appear on horizon not sure about modio saying contains illegal characters', dont worry, I think its cos of the III in Fable III.
Click Ok the error and it will rehash and resign the file.
Exit Horizon / Modio
Replace the save on your 360 with the one you just modded.
You should have roughly aroound 2000 guild seals and 50,000,000 gold.
Happy Modding Hope i helped if any problems let me know download links below

- Fable III Save Editor - 3 Mod Tool.rar < Fixed !

Note is says the .exe is a virus but ive used this program and it worked perfectly - I dont have bit offender to remove the small file causing the problem but trust me its fine

- Virus Scan - This URL#results

- Horizon -
- Modio -

Ps i do not take credit for creating this program ! And i cannot leave credit to the creator since i dont know who it is ?

Hope i helped if dont forget to hit the nice Like button below

Posted by: Mike Jul 30 2013, 09:16 PM
I just beat Fable III recently. Not the kind of game I would prefer with mods.

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