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 Red Dead Redemption Glitch, No Clip Glitch !
 Posted: Mar 25 2013, 08:18 PM

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Hey everyone its hazy larkinOO7 and today I am bringing you a very special video that caused us a lot pf problems to put up. Now this glitch allows you to walk through any barrier you want and be able to shoot out of it at enemies. This is one of those glitches that WILL be overused in multiplayer but hey...what you gonna do. So I already put a voice tutorial in the video itself but I thought it might be helpful to also put the tutorial in the description as well. So here you go...

1) Find a carriage

2) Find a friend

3) Park the carriage next to a wall

4) Have your friend get in the driver seat

5) While facing the wall, pres RB than Y to start the glitch...also press RB again and if you did it right your character shouldn't move off the wall.

6) Have your friend get back in the carriage after you have thrown him out.

7) Face your camera at the carriage

8) Hold UP on the analog stick to get into the animation of getting into the when your screen twitches, immediately hold DOWN and rapidly press RB (while still holding down)

At this point your character should be pulling an invisible man out of the carriage...if you have done the glitch correctly than you will pull an invisible man out of the carriage MULTIPLE TIMES automatically.(As seen in the video)

Unfortunately due to the mass number of idiotic and immature people messaging me on XboxLIVE, I will no longer be helping people out privately. If you cannot figure the glitch out from the voice AND text tutorial then your lost.

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