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Apr 5 2012, 10:10 AM
This is the clock tower Drexel asked me to design:

Only Drexel is allowed to use the design but I ask you, Drexel, to give me credit for designing it. If another person wants to use it you will have to ask Drexel. wink.gif

And here is my map for download. Most of my building designs are on it but not everything is finished as it is just a map where I build stuff that comes to my mind. If you use any of the buildings please give me credit (a sing infront of the building saying that I designed it will do wink.gif )

And here it is: *drums Mrgerikis building map

Mrgeriki cool.gif
Dec 27 2011, 09:22 AM
I have been playing on another server and they have now switched to spoutcraft. I know it was on this server aswell and kinda ended in a disaster tongue.gif . but now i have played with it on the other server it seems like it has finaly reached a state where it is very helpfull for the game. Also xrays would be a thing of the past....also it helps people with pc that arnt that good cause there are alot of options with the video yea i would like to see it brought to the is an amazing feature and u can loats of cool stuff with it

Nov 26 2011, 05:49 PM
The Order of Builders

Before you start reading: this town does not exist yet as we still need to get the money ut you can apply anyway... smile.gif

What is it?

The order of the builders is a town that lets the best builders on the server come together and build amazing stuff. We will only accept people who are very very good at building so do no be offended if u are rejectet as the expecations are very high

The Town

The town is in the hills. It will be based on a dwarfen town so all buildings should relatet to that. Any bigger buildings you want to build need to be discussed with me. There will be no plots as such where only you can build. It will all be one big town as i trust all members to act sensible and it will be a very tight community. Not having private plots allowes us to build freely and not in the forms the plots are set up.


There are two types of jobs: Collector and Builder. Collector simplie collects all the stuff we need to build. Builders are the people who build.


Very simple. No griefing and No stealling. Basicaly use commen sense and act mature. As there will never be alot of members i doupt we will have problems with this but it is better to mention it smile.gif . We do not start war with any town or nation. We are a completly peacefull town and will not get involed in confilcts. the acction of one member does not represent the intention of the whole town.

Who is in it?

Head Builder: mrgeriki
Assistant Builder: t4t4


Before you apply pls do notice that this is a town only for very good builders. We will have some people who collect resources and therefor do not need to be amazing at building but these people will only collect stuff. If you want to apply for a builder you need to show some pictures of you creations (these can be in singleplayer and creative mode). And they need to be fully you own creations.

Application Form:

How long have you been on the server:
Why you want to join:
What towns have you been in before:
What job do you want to have:
If collector pls say why you would be good for this:
If builder pls show some pics and why you a good for it:
What sort of stuff do you like to build:

Note: Pls do not be offendet if you are rejectet for the job of builder. We look for exceptional builders who can build amazing buildings. You may still be a good builder but for what we want to accieve it is sadly not good enough. this is not meant as an insult. Maybe you are amazing in pvp or mining but as this is a building town it is not for you.

Our Projects:

The farming district: The farming district is where we grow all sorts of plants

The Farms

Aug 9 2011, 01:51 PM
found this for a slot maschine...
also found this..some kind of card/dice/betting thing

Jul 24 2011, 01:06 PM
ae mike when u click on the link to your youtube channel u get send u an unappropriate for children (nicest way i could put it biggrin.gif ) maybe it is still frm bjm
though it is better that i point it out....

btw the server seems to be down....u poropaly now smile.gif
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