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 Chances Of Getting Banned On Forza Horizon, Be Aware !
 Posted: Feb 17 2013, 05:28 PM

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Modding money and unicorns is bannable by T10 and depending on how many times you do it you might even find yourself account banned by MS. MS are heavily involved with the forza series and very tight with T10.

You can do it and get away with it though, just don't go bragging in lobbies about how you modded your account and that you have all of the unicorns. Using all of the money isn't a smart idea either.

Chances are you'll be banned unless you mod it on an offline xbox.

I have been banned for life from there servers - Reason being i modded my money to a huge ammount and showing off my cars bad idea !

If you want to mod Forza Horizon - Only mod 50 Million Maximum + Other Vehicles Just dont brag a lot to other online players about it

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