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 Plane_mainiac Iz In Da House!, Imma ninja-minecraft-girl! WOO!
 Posted: Jul 2 2011, 10:49 PM


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Hello fellow Minecraft lovers!

My real name is Amanda!!! Yeah, Im a girl, and I LOVE LOVE Minecraft! And M Rated games on the Xbox.... but NO MATTER! Hi! I honestly dont know what the heck to say right now! Um... well here is a fact about me, I really just cant stop talking. But I CAN stop typing! But anyways, um... well I LOVE to run. Vibram Five Fingers are my FAVORITE shoes! Just saying... You should REALLY get a pair! Sorry for all the CAPS but Im just a very hyper person in general. blink.gif ..... Yeah. HAHA! Um.... Well right now Im 13 years old ALMOST 14! Um.......... I honestly don't know what to say. But... oh! Ok I know. My gamertag for Xbox is: plane mainiac. NO capitals. and just that one space. So... YEAH! Add me! Oh, and my parents are... parted (friendly way of saying it) from eachother. But they are still friends! So on Xbox I don't get on much. I fly a LOT to go to my Dad's house because he lives in a different state than my mom. Thankfully we get free flying because my dad is a pilot. So yeah.... thats just a bit about me! I HOPE YOU ENJOYED!

Love ya'll!

plane_mainiac ph34r.gif

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 Posted: Jul 3 2011, 01:07 PM

Absolument ├ętonnant!

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Welcome, hope to see you posting around on other forums and ill add you to the white-list.
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