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 The_chris :: Howdy! :], Sup?
 Posted: Jul 29 2011, 01:55 PM


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In-game name - The_Chris, and I hope your smart enough to realise that my real name is Chris.
I'm 67 years old. -Nah, I'm 15. xP
I likez building stuff in sky, not on the ground, so, 'In yo face, dawg'.
I live in somewhere in Europe.
My credit card numbers is - 156-854-58248. ;D -Well if I would have a credit card, my credit card number would be like that.

Pointless info:
I likez dogs, gamez 'n all that good stuff.
I like playing with HTML, I would do Java too, but I'm too lazy... Oh well.
To those who doesn't know, with my HTML and knowlege I can build a website from scratch.
That means, from start to end. ;]

~The End~
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