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 Hey, I lil Intro for myself
 Posted: Oct 19 2011, 04:42 AM


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Hey guys Michman1234 here i thought i would do a lil introduction for you guys.
My real name is Michael im 15. I am a talented graphic artist, well I enjoy doing it :p, I played on the nactonline server when it was cracked. I owned an, unofficial, city called Rivercrest which attracted allot of attention good and bad :s. I also play games Like COD, well most fps's, runescape etc.

Skype: Michael_buggie

Thanks for reading

Just Message me for Signatures and Avatars I'm Happy to help user posted imageuser posted image
Add me on Skype: Michael_buggie
 Posted: Oct 20 2011, 04:09 PM

Absolument ├ętonnant!

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