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 Hey There Guys., RockTempest's discription.
 Posted: Nov 19 2011, 04:53 AM


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Hey, I've been a minecrafter in it for the redstone almost from the start. As soon as they implemented it I knew it would be my thing; my contribution to minecraft.

Bottom line: I'm building a T.V: using redstone.

I have it thought up in how it would be done, I just need a 24/7 dedicated server to not go down so I have a reasonable community to work with.

I'm serious but usually tounge-in cheek humour and swear only when necessary. No flying F's for nothin'. I make friends easily.

So let me be the server I complete this on, and probably more. I'm very interested in the capabilities and I'm sure this might boost publicity if it became and attraction or something, however you might want it implemented. I'm just throwing the idea out there.

Hello; and my name is RockTempest.
 Posted: Nov 19 2011, 08:22 AM

Absolument ├ętonnant!

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Hey, RockTempest.

We have that dedicated 24/7 server you're looking for and you can just go ahead and join, there is no white-list (IP: When you join you can ask a Mayor if you can join their town (Maybe tell them your idea) and eventually save up enough money to create your own town if you don't have enough space in someone's town.
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