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 San Andreas Multiplayer (samp)
 Posted: May 31 2013, 06:48 PM

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SA-MP is a mod for the game GTA: San Andreas. Some people from Nact have been playing this mod for a year now. If anyone wishes to join just post on this thread and I can help you get started.

The server we play on is a Role play server. Meaning you have to create a character and have a story for him. The game has a fully working economy where you can buy anything from guns and drugs, to houses and businesses. Have your own car and have your own job. The game is it's own working virtual little word with 500 players online at once. There is law enforcement, there are different nations and even a wide arrange of gangs and clubs.

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 Posted: Jun 26 2013, 04:20 PM

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Are you trying to make your own server? or get people to join NGRP? Cause i would love to join your server.
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