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 The Roles
 Posted: Jul 22 2013, 09:51 PM

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Here is a list of all the King of Abiran roles and their brief descriptions. If you have any further questions about theses roles, please feel free to ask below.

Kingdom Roles

King: The King is the highest role on the server, there is only one king and he is in charge of setting the Kingdoms taxes, employment, laws, and other big decisions.

Sheriff: The Sheriff is in charge of all the Knights and Paladins. It is his job to make sure the Kingdom laws are being enforced properly and the Knights and Paladins are doing their jobs.

Lord: The Lord's are property owners within the Kingdom and are considered to be some of the wealthiest people inside the Kingdom. The Lord's run their own small towns within the Kingdom where the Knights or Paladins can have a residence in.

Knight: A Knight is the King's guard and strongest line of defense against terror. It is their job to defend the Kingdom and protect it from enemies with the tools they are provided.

Paladin: A Paladin is an apprentice to become a Knight, but could also be used as a servant for the King or Lord's. It's a dirty job and a learning experience, but eventually pays off.

Outside Kingdom Roles

Bandit: The Bandit is an outlaw and is not welcome inside the Kingdom, Bandits are able to kill easy victims and steal some of their cash. If they are caught doing this within the Kingdom they could be jailed by a Knight for breaking Kingdom laws, such as murder.

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